Tiki-Taka Linguistics – ‘Total Football’ Translation

⚽️ We are a close-knit group of experienced translators who specialise in the ‘beautiful game’.

⚽️ We are all qualified with a Master’s in Translation or a Diploma in Translation.

⚽️ Tiki-Taka Linguistics helps football clubs bridge language/cultural barriers, boost their profile globally and better reach international markets – crucial in finding that extra 1% to stay ahead of the competition.

⚽️ We translate football clubs’ websites, publicity material, social media content, blog posts, articles, match reports and anything else related to football.

⚽️ “Corner taken quickly!” We are all experts of the beautiful game and its terminology.

⚽️ With the flair of a Lionel Messi, the versatility of a Lothar Matthäus and the experience of a Paolo Maldini, Tiki-Taka Linguistics will provide you with a Champions League service every time!

We listen to the needs of our clients and offer a bespoke service to football clubs and anyone else connected to the world of football. Football clubs realise that they need to break into foreign markets to maximise their global reach and increase profits. To do this successfully, their websites and publications need to be translated by professionals who specialise in football and that is where we come in.

All of our translators share a passion for football and a flair for translation. We all hold a Master’s degree in Translation and possess many years of experience between us. It would not be an understatement to say we are all obsessed with football and have been addicted to the beautiful game since childhood. The winning combination of being not only language experts, but also extremely knowledgeable in all things football, means we are perfectly positioned when it comes to creating beautifully crafted football translations.

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